Sustainable ACTIVEWEAR 

Produced and consume responsibly

Responsible Production

Mi-Pana is a puertorican sustainable activewear brand that aims to influence people to take action on climate change while looking good. Our mission is to encourage sustainable practices via our business processes and products.

How we started

My husband is an avid cyclist who constantly was complaining about cycling apparel that did not fit properly, made of not functional material, nor environmentally friendly, or simply with unappealing designs. After years of listening him complaining and going through several cycling apparel brands, I got inspired to start Mi-Pana.

Creating an activewear brand was not enough, I also want to produced responsibly, educate customers in responsible consumption and help communities impacted by natural disasters and/ or climate change.


  • Mi-Pana offers a limited number of collections per year. The collections are inspired by significant environmental events that occurred around the world. A percentage of the collections sales will be donated to sustainable projects in the affected areas. 
  • Upcycle: In our effort to close the manufacturing cycle, we offer the option to return your wear off Mi-Pana item to be upcycle instead of throwing it away. Contact Us to learn more.
  • Hey! thumbs up if you prefer to donate your wear off item. Please keep your clothes out of landfill.


sustainable approach

How do we do it

 Mi-Pana emphasises quality and performance designs for people that demand responsible production and consumption.



We focus on recycled performance fibers, such as recycled polyester and sustainable materials. We work closely with suppliers to assure that material has no harmful effects on human health and the environment.


Our production processes follow fair trade principles such as sweatshop-free work conditions and lessen the environmental harmfulness. Mi-Pana offer a collection per year and to avoid waste, we hold a low inventory. 

Packaging & Shipping

Because we care about the environment we use reusable Eco friendly packaging and ship our products using neutral CO2 carriers. 


Mi-Pana collaborates with other organisations that promote environmental stewardship, and maintain Mi-Pana customers educated on environmental issues and actions. Check our Resources page here.


Mi-Pana in puertorican slang means "my buddy". Share the joy of riding with Mi-Pana.

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